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Sathguru Swami Gnanananda Giri a diciple of Swami Sivaratna Giri of Jothir Mutt, one of the four Amnaya Mutts established by Adi Sankara, relinquished his Peetam and toured the length and breadth of India, Ceylon and burma before He could establish an abode for peace at Tapovanam in late 40s.

'Kalau Sankeerthya Kesavan' (chant the name of the Lord Kesava) is the catchword for emancipation of human race from worldly turmoil, said Sage Suka to king Parikshit. Then was born, the Namasankeerthanam.

Several Godmen descended this earth to propagate the ideals of Namasankeerthanam; the celebrated Maharashtra Saints, Sankeerthana Mummurthigal, Meera, Chaithanya Maha Prabhu, Badrachala Ramados & others.-the line continues. The crest jewel of Sankeerthana Tradiation of this century is swami Haridhos Giri, affectionately called 'Guruji' who lived for establishing Namasankeerthanam and made people realise the words of Sage Suka.

Touring the world to spread the gospel of Swami Gnanananda Giri, Guruji emphasised the need for a permanent establishment to propagate Namasankeerthanam. It was the command of His Master, Guruji chose Dakshina Halasyam [Thennangur village] as the abode for spreading the knowledge of Sanathana Dharma through the medium of Namasankeerthanam and at the same time imparting education on ancient texts, such as vedas,puranas etc. "Dakshina Halasyam" has a divine tale behind it. it is the place where Goddess Meenakshi was found as a small child by the Pandyan king. Hence it is called 'Halasyam' and as Dakshina Halasyam.

It is but proper to install a temple for Goddess Meenakshi at this place. Infact there existed Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple in days past, but become dilapidated and mingled with the mother Earth. Human upliftment is achieved not only by spiritual pursuits but also by extending help to the poor and down trodden. This was the cardinal rule which Guruji adhered to till his last breath. He therefore established this spiritual abode, with an accent on social service to the poor. An old age home has now been constructed with 50 independent rooms with all facilities together with big Dormitory in the second floor. This permises is named as Lakshmi Bhavanam' will remain a place of peace and tranquility, in an atmosphere of divinity for those who had no help from their kith and kin and need help at the evening of their lives.

Veda Patasala in the Gurukula system undertaken by the leadership of late Brahmashree Sukabrahmam Sasthrigal, a doyen in the field, is now functioning with 12 students on the rolls. Apart from Vedic education, general proficiency in English and allied subjects are imparted to students. A separate endowment is created for running this instituation and this needs supplementation.

There is a saying in Tamil that 'one should not live in a place where there is no temple'. Sri Guruji, in order to blend the styles of North and South in Architecture has built a temple for Pandurangan and Rukmayee in the style and form a puri jagannath temple with front Gopurams on Pallava style of Architecture. The temple is nearing completion and is being consecrated on 9.2.96. This temple has an unique Art decoration, first of its kind in India, where mural forms are embedded on the walls and ceiling of ArdhaMantapam and Maha Mantapam specially conceived and erected by Sri Natanam, the renowned mural Architect. The temple will have the main deities in the Garbagraham with Pancholoka Dwara Palaks at the entrance. The temple is constructed by Sri Muthiah Sthapathy, a pioneer in temple Architecture.

Guruji is still with us in His omnipotent form and He is depicted in a formless-form as a Brindavan in the 'Matam' constructed in a grand form. This 'Matam' is annexed to the temple of Guru Maharaj, Sri Sadhguru Gnanananda Giri Swamigal. The Brindavan will be facing Guru Maharaj. This Matam contains a separate kitchen and four well constructed rooms and an underground cell. This will be the place from where both Sri Guru Maharaj and Guruji will shower Their Blessings to the entire mankind.

'Food for thought' should always be supplemented by 'Food for the body'. A huge Dining Hall and kitchen to feed more that 2000 persons at a time had already been constructed and completed. This well equipped kitchen with all appliances will serve the needy as well as the guests. Sri Guruji has perpetuated a scheme known as 'PPF' which will provide food for all those who come to Ashram as well as to the inmates of old age home. This fund is contributed by the Devotees from all over the world.

Tastes differ. In our Asram, People from all walks of life will come for sipiritual knowledge. A good serene atmosphere is needed. Cottages are constructed in 'Santh Nagar', and each cottage is furnished with all modern amenities for Yatri's comfort.

Luxury, though not required in Ashram life, it cannot be ignored. Six luxury cottages each at a cost of over Rs.12 lakhs have been constructed. More cottages will be constructed after receipt of funds for the same from the devotees and philanthrophists.

'Namasankeerthanam' is the keyword for Guruji. A hall with all the Baghavatha Saints with their images have been decorated beautifully and it is unique. It carries the message of Sage 'Suka' in its physical form.

An auditorium to accommodate more than 1000 persons with a huge stage and attendant implements in completed to conduct external events, discourses and other like gatherings.

It is the blissful desire of Sri Guruji to build a multi-purpose hospital to cater to the needs of the poor and needy and this project is already taken up by the Trust. Yet another project in the vision of Sri Guruji to open an educational centre to cater the poor and deserving in scholastic and collegiate courses with due emphasis on the Indian ancient culture. This project is yet to begin. The nature and exprenses of the project depend on the munifeicent donations from the devotees of Guru Maharaj and Guruji. This complex will be an abode for spiritual upliftment to the entire humanity without any discrimination of caste, creed or sex and this will remain a fore-runner for future generations in understanding and appreciating the catolicity of our Dharma and the values of human life. A mere glance at the collossal way Sri Guruji has set His Mission for the sake of humanity resounds the words of Guru Maharaj.



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