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History of alayams




In Kaliyuga - as Rishi Sukha says -Kalau Sankeerthaya kesavam(the singing in praise of kesava) is the easy path to attain godhood and sprituality.

Naham vasami Vaikunte

Na yogi Hridayae Ravow

Math Baktha Yathra Gayanthi

Thatra Thishtami - Narada

"I do not reside in Vaikunta. Nor do i reside in the hearts of Yogis meditating on me. But then I do dwell in the hearts of my bakthas, singing, dancing anf chanting my name Oh! Narada" - so says the Lord and in true translation of this into parctice in Kaliyuga, Swami Haridhos Giri - the principal disciple of Sri Gnanananda Giri Swami of Tapovanam (Near Tirukoilur) and 'Guruji' to many of us (affectionately so called) set out to propagate 'Nama Sankirthanam' as his Chief mission in life. This helps one to attain sayujya, i.e. oneness with the Lord.

This mission to propagate nama sankirthanam throughout the country and abroad, motivated Guruji to build an alayam for sri Panduranga, at Thennangur and this avatar of Lord Krishna is to do and propagate Namasankeerthanam.

The Panduranga alayam is unique in several respects; it blends the cultures of the North and South roclaiming the national oneness and integration. The main Gopuram is in the architectural style of puri jagannath temple, its Rajagopuram in the South India Chola temple style; and the presiding deity of Panduranga from Maharashtra. What better example is possible for cultural integration of India, than this unique edifice?

It is this great temple to which we go and where we all pray and get blessed. it was built by the untiring efforts of our revered Guruji, with the Blessings of His Great Master.


The Blissful Golden Padukas of both Gurumaharaj and Guruji are housed in the complex for daily worship by devotees, by performing Padapoojas, which offers unlimited Grace and Welfare both in this world and above. Donations for the Padapoojas, both ordinary and by Swarna Pushpam, are included in the enclosure.

As true disciple of Guruji, we have to surrender ourselves to Guru and in this surrender and motivation, we can always achieve things not ordinarily attainable. This Guru bakthi must be our driving force.

The temples that are built by this great saint and guru need to be visited often and participating in the activities of the shrines, can attain greater and greater successes and the blessings of Guruji. Words become redundant to convey this message. It needs to be experienced. "Guror Angri Padme Thathah Kim" says Adi Sankara.


Surrender to the Guru and true bakthi could make even an ordinary person attain great heights of fame and achievement. Our Guruji is a shining example of this truth. In a short span of time, as an individual and all alone, dependent on the nurturing bhakthi to Guru Gnanananda and with remarkable courage, our Guruji could build this vast temple-complex. This is an achievement of great dimension.

Radhe Krishna.




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