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Cow Adoption Scheme

GOSHALA in Thennangur

Sanathana Dharma declares Mother as primordial GURU. She informs the child about his father and she treats the child with all love and affection. She is unequal. But all do not have the mother's love and affection. So 'Shakthi' - cause of the universe is addressed as Sri Mathre Namaha in Lalitha Sahasranamam and the scriptures further declare that there are four other mothers for the human being. They are Go Matha, Veda Matha, Desa Matha and Jagan Matha.

The greatness of a cow and its sanctifying products are enshrined in the rituals to have them as a purifying object of doing the ritual. The Panchakavya Consisting - Milk / Curd / Ghee / Excretion (Dung) & Go-moothra have Ayurvedic medicinal qualities and act as disinfectant.

Kalidas has declared that the Godhooli - the dust from feet of cow is so holy that it purifies every evil. Thus the protection of a cow is a duty of every Hindu Sanathanist. To emphasize cow protection (Go Samrakshana), Guruji has established a Gosamrakshanasala at Thennangur treating cows with utmost sanctity and G A Trust established by Sri GURUJI is incurring a good expenditure on this account.

A few devotees of GURUJI have suggested to the Trustees of G A Trust to start a permanent account for Gosamrakshana and now a separate fund named Go Samrakshana Nidhi has been constituted. Devotees who are interested in adding to the corpus of this fund may send their donations to G A Trust for Gosamrakshana Nidhi. This would be a permanent fund, the proceeds of which will be spent for the expenses incurred for Gosamrakshana.

Furthre, it has been decided to formulate a scheme to collect voluntary donations from devotees towards the cost of maintaining one cow on a regular monthly basis and the contribution for the same is is fixed at Rs. 1,250/- per cow per month. Devotees who are willing to contribute to this scheme can sponsor any number of cows every month or altnernatively they may donate at a rate of Rs. 15000/- towards maintenance including feeding, medicine, etc. per cow per year. At present we have 52 cows at our Gosala out of wich only one third are milking. The scheme has been formulated to cover the maintenance of non milking cows also with the availabl funds.

Devotees are requested to participate in the above scheme whole heartedly and receive the blessings of our Great Masters.

Radhe Krishna

PS:- Remittances to be in the name of G A TRUST



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